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Jelqing as an Affordable Penis Enlargement Exercise – Archemix

Jelqing as an Affordable Penis Enlargement Exercise

By Steven Kingsley

Why Does Jelqing Work? What’s the Science Behind It?

Jelqing works because of the penile tissue cell expansion principle.

The best advice for any man thinking about jelqing is to give it a try, keep the end goal in sight, and persist with it.

This is not an overnight answer to a guy’s common quest to be bigger and better when it comes to sexual prowess.

Jelqing works by increasing the level of blood flow to the penis.

As the penis expands, eventual growth will take place. Jelqing results will vary according to the person, how often the exercise is performed, variations in the exercise, use of other supplements, and a man’s level of tolerance.

However, when performed properly, it is a safe technique that can make the entire sexual experience more enjoyable after persistent use of jelqing exercises.

So go refer to PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellences article if you want to learn in detail how to jelq, otherwise we’ll cover it more in detail now.


The Crash-Course Notes of Jelqing

Before starting in on a daily jelqing regimen, it’s essential to know the basics.

Improperly exercising can result in injury and put a person out of order, the last thing any man wants to hear.

Only go semi-erect especially when first starting out.

Men who have become experts in this technique may feel comfortable and satisfied with jelqing on a fully erect penis, but this is recommended for the highly skilled person.

If at any point, too much strain or pain is felt on the penis, it’s time to listen to what the body is saying and stop before any jelqing damage is done.

What Type of Men Would Benefit from Jelqing?

Pretty much all men starting a penis enlargement regimen.

Or if you haven’t done any penis enhancement for 18 months.

Newbies that haven’t done any form of penis enhancement consistently.

What Can I Expect From This Routine?

Big results from jelqs.

No but seriously:

With consistency and commitment, you can reasonably expect to gain 1.5 to 2 inches in length from jelqing and .5 to 1.8 inches in girth in a period of 7 to 15 months.

They get harder to make and require more advanced routines in the future. You can probably stick with this one for 8 to 12 weeks.

The jelqing gains come quick if you are just starting out.

Gaining .5-1 inch in length and .5-.75 inches in girth during the first 4-8 weeks is very possible.*

Prevent Stretching Your Skin While Jelqing

Skin stretching is generally undesirable because you want your penis to grow evenly – shaft and all.

Others want to focus more on the penis shaft alone. Some skin pull is actually considered good because it helps adding “thickness” to your penis.

To prevent jelqing skin pulling:

  • Consider using a softer grip
  • Definitely use lubricant (water-based is best).
  • Increase blood flow to the penis (harder erection).
  • Use your “off-hand” to hold the base of your penis skin back.

A Solid Routine for All Men to Follow:

You should jelq 4 or 5 times per week. It is nice to take a day’s break from time to time to allow the muscles and blood vessels to recover.

That’s how you do jelqing.

10 minutes per session on average is ideal.

Throughout your jelqing session, stroke your penis continuously without stopping. If your hand gets tired or your penis gets sore, take a break for a minute, then continue.

If you’re going for more than 20 minutes – you’re doing jelqing wrong!

Do jelqing for at least for a few minutes to massage your penis and redistribute the blood evenly.

If you are using a pump or an extender, always jelq when you finish using the device.

At that time, jelqing will be more effective and more enjoyable.

During your shower, or immediately after you get out, your penis muscles will be more relaxed.

Not to mention jelqing feels great too.

Some Notes to Understand Before Jelqing

Super hard jelqing simply does not work.

It does not work if you study jelqing. I have spoken with others and the results are the same.

I do jelqing every single day. Go big or go home as I always say. Every guy should be jelqing every single day of their life in order to truly benefit.

Tough, but that’s the truth.

What I have learned is split or on and off days routines work best. You need rest days. It makes sense to jelq and rest. Or use very light daily schedules.

Do a ten minute jelqing routine (tell that to an erect jelqer – lmao – they need an hour routine to combat the dick shrink) and see where your measurements go.

I’m using a a light 5 day a week 10 minute jelq routine and I have gained over an inch in length and .75 in width in just one month

of correct jelqing.

Be very careful with those touting erect jelqing as some advanced technique – it is for advanced idiots.

So remember! Don’t be fooled by crappy jelqing information!

You have to form good habits when you’re first starting jelqing.

We highly suggest going as far as timing each rep using a stopwatch.

This will allow you to commit the full 5 seconds to muscle memory.

Have you tried jelqing?

If you are interested in trying jelqing, we would like to emphasize that a “large” penis is not necessary for a satisfying sex life.

Your body is a beautiful, wonderful thing just how it is. Meaningful partners will care more about YOU than the size of your body parts.

What do you think about this penis exercise?

Has it actually improved your sexual relationships with women? Has it decreased your anxiety during sex?

Let the experts (like me) tell you how to do it properly!