Aptamer Therapeutics: A New Frontier in Drug Development

Aptamer Therapeutics: A New Frontier in Drug Development

Article by Steven Kingsley

Archemix is the biopharmaceutical company leading the development of aptamers as a new class of directed therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of chronic and acute disease.

Archemix believes the unique properties of aptamers hold extraordinary potential in the fast-breaking world of drug discovery and development. Because of their unequaled specificity for their molecular targets, aptamers provide a promising alternative to conventional therapeutic approaches. Aptamers can be used in a wide range of disease areas, including many of those currently addressed by protein-based therapeutics. Aptamers demonstrate little to no immunogenicity or toxicity, and can be produced quickly and economically.

With a portfolio of over 300 patents and patent applications, Archemix holds the key to the development of aptamer technology and its implications for the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to using our expertise to aggressively pursue drug discovery and development for the benefit of all.

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