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Archemix Names Page – Archemix

Archemix Names Page

Archemix Names Page

Bouchard Senior Vice President of Preclinical Drug Discovery and Development

 CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Archemix Corp., the privately-held

biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing aptamer therapeutics,

announced today the appointment of Dr. Page Bouchard as Senior Vice President of

Preclinical Drug Discovery and Development. Dr. Bouchard will have

responsibility for directing the Company’s preclinical pharmacology, drug

metabolism and pharmacokinetics and drug safety efforts.

“Page has extensive experience in the area of preclinical drug discovery and

development and will lead this important multifunctional area at Archemix,” said

Dr. Errol De Souza, President and Chief Executive Officer of Archemix. “Page

possesses the unique combination of scientific experience and leadership skills

necessary to move our rapidly expanding pipeline of therapeutic aptamer leads

into clinical development. We are delighted to have Page as a part of our team

and look forward to his contributions to the development of aptamer therapeutic

products and the generation of shareholder value.”

“Archemix is at an exciting stage of its development,” commented Dr. Bouchard.

“The company’s aptamer technology has the potential to bring forth an entirely

new class of therapeutics for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. I

look forward to leveraging my experience with both biotherapeutics and small

molecule drug candidates to this new class of therapeutics. The efficient

integration of preclinical and clinical development activities with novel

technology, rigorous science and focused strategic planning will lead to

significant product opportunities.”

Prior to joining Archemix, Dr. Bouchard was Vice President, Drug Safety

Evaluation at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. In this position, Dr. Bouchard led the

preclinical Drug Safety and Pathology organization, leading development projects

to critical clinical and regulatory milestones. Prior to joining Millennium, Dr.

Bouchard was Assistant Vice President of Pathology at Wyeth-Ayerst, heading the

discovery support pathology, toxicologic pathology, clinical pathology and

toxicogenomics efforts.

Dr. Bouchard received a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University and a D.V.M.

from Tufts University Veterinary School. He trained in veterinary pathology at

Cornell Veterinary School and is board certified in veterinary pathology by the

American College of Veterinary Pathologists.

About Aptamers

Aptamers are single-stranded nucleic acids that form well-defined

three-dimensional shapes, allowing them to bind to target molecules in a manner

that is conceptually similar to antibodies. Aptamers combine the optimal

characteristics of small molecules and antibodies, including high specificity

and affinity, chemical and biological stability, low toxicity and immunogenicity

and the ability to target protein-protein interactions. In contrast to

monoclonal antibodies, aptamers are chemically synthesized rather than

biologically expressed, offering a significant cost advantage. As therapeutic

agents, aptamers have demonstrated clinical biological efficacy and have

excellent, tunable pharmacokinetic properties.

About Archemix Corp.

Archemix Corp. is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge,

Massachusetts. The company’s mission is to develop aptamers as a class of

directed therapeutics for the treatment of human disease. Because of their

unique properties and proven efficacy, aptamers are a superior alternative to

biologics and small molecules and will be a major class of drugs for the

treatment of unmet medical needs.

Archemix’s aptamer expertise is complemented by a dominant patent estate

comprised of over 180 issued and 220 pending patents covering the

identification, composition and use of therapeutic aptamers. In addition to the

company’s core aptamer generation technology, Archemix possesses strong

expertise in both preclinical and clinical drug development. Further information

about Archemix can be found at

For further information or to speak with Dr. Errol De Souza or Dr. Page

Bouchard, please contact Davia Temin of Temin and Company at (212) 588-8788 or