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Best Penis Extenders for Penis Lengthening – Archemix

By Steven Kingsley

What is the Best Penis Extender? Extenders Explained.

Here are the best penis extenders:

Penis extenders are medical therapy devices,  usually worn for about 6-8 hours per day, with the goal of increasing penis length permanently

A penis extender is a compact  device, lightweight, and provides constant stretching force. It is worn when the penis is in the flaccid state.

Depending on the model and the maker, a penis extender can be adjustable to accommodate different penis sizes and adjust the force applied to the penis.

How to Buy the Best Penis Extender Properly?

There are a few pitfalls you must not fall into.

For example: Do not fall for a product that is cheap as it may bring undesirable results. Choose a product from a reputable brand even if it costs high.

Through this way, you can ensure that the product has passed safety standards – you have support in case the product in case it craps out.

Basically, the best penis extender is the one with padding around the two rods and the rings to keep the penis head from getting irritated.

Also, the rod locks must be sturdy enough to hold the penis. You need to choose the brand with good reputation and not the brand that is unknown to you.

There different models and brands available (PhalloGauge, SizeGenetics, X4Labs), and it can be very confusing which product is the best.

When you go out and try to find the best penis extender, you will find your options overwhelming.

So make sure you read up on all the sales information.

A Surefire-Way to Get Results Quickly

Everybody wants quick results – I know I wanted them too.

But you must start off slow.

This helps you get acclimated to the enlargement process. Don’t be tempted to increase the tension as you might experience pain or discomfort and have to start over after a one or two day rest.

For the first week, extend your penis too a length not greater than your erect length.

This is the surefire way.

Important disclaimer: For detailed instructions, please refer the user manual that came with your extender.

How to Choose the Best Penis Extender

Picking the right one is very important.

That article is by Dr. Jeff Ferrara, a medical doctor who specializes in medical devices.

After adjusting the unit to the proper length, you might have to back off on the thumb-screws in order to get it on. Once on, readjust to the original setting.

Add or remove length by using a combination of the screws and rod segments if possible (this depends on the type of extender).

For pulling extenders – adjust the tension in the belt.

Now, with the extender off, adjust it to your erection measurement; taking into account any amount of your penis head that might extend past the end of the extender.

Measure the length of your erection from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis (BPEL).

Easy huh?

The technical aspect of how the best penis extenders operate.

The traction allows the cells in the muscles of the penis to deplete, and makes the sexual organ to become larger and firmer.

The standard best penis extender has two rings – one that fits the head of the penis and one ring that fits on the penis base.

The head ring holds the penis in place while being stretched. The two rings are connected by the two long rods, and allow the medical device to be adjusted according to the length of the penis.

Slippage is a common problem. How to Avoid It.

Then use your preferred strap to attach it. The wrapped material should be snug and not too tight.

This technique usually helps prevent the strap or noose from slipping past head of your penis.

Hopefully you bought an extender that gives you other options for attachment like a silicone noose or Velcro strap.

Believe it or not, the noose can be very effective and comfortable when used with proper padding or other pieces of protection.

Don’t worry if your penis slips out from the rubber strap – this typically only happens on only the best penis extenders, as this is a common problem.

Over tightening will not help and will create other problems. To avoid slippage, follow the tips and tricks below.

Try a foam pad, gauze, baby wipe, or similar material wrapped around your penis just behind the head.